• Albany Flores

The Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022 will bring together the visionaries of the digital industry

The sixth edition of the Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022 will be held at the Panama Convention Center in Panama City, between July 6 and 8, and will bring together participants, speakers, sponsors, innovators, visionaries and developers of Blockchain technology and the digital industry in Latin America.

The event aims to position the country as a digital hub for Latin America through the transfer of knowledge and development of innovative and disruptive businesses.

According to the co-founder and CEO of LatAmTech and organizer of the LatAm Summit, Cristóbal Pereira, Panama was selected for this edition “because it is considered a digital, technological and financial hub for the development of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in the region”.

The event will be attended by more than one hundred exhibitors whose conferences, forums and talks will be held simultaneously at different points.

During the first day, the operation, development and use of Blockchain technology, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general will be discussed. In addition, a Business Day will be held to connect companies, entrepreneurs and governments in order to create agreements and take advantage of all the potential of Blockchain.

The second day will analyze business cases and the development of the different ecosystems that make up the industry globally, as well as topics related to new financial services, decentralized finance and NFT, among others.

The event will close with the third day on technical aspects such as scalability, second layers, new networks and protocols and challenges for the industry.

For its part, DelNorte will be part of the event as a sponsoring brand and as part of the panel “The challenges of tokenization and the role of Blockchain in ownership and management” through its founder and CEO, U.S. entrepreneur Anton Glorser.

Together with other invited experts, Glotser will participate in a panel discussion on how disruptive technologies and their technology ecosystems hosted on Blockchain platforms are contributing to the solution of global risks, the transition from the trust economy to the digital economy, the digitization of industries, the protection of intellectual property, the improvement and resolution of territorial conflicts, the tokenization of real assets around the world and the digital development of emerging markets.

During the event, participants will also be able to visit DelNorte’s booth and learn about all the digital solutions with Blockchain technology that the company develops.

The sixth edition of the Blockchain Summit LatAm 2022 is ready for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, proposals and business alliances of impact for the Latin American region and for the immediate future of digital industries and markets.

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