• Albany Flores

Successful launch of DelNorte TerraVision's platform in El Salvador

Updated: Apr 14

The launch of the digital platform of DelNorte TerraVision (DTV), in alliance with the Municipality of San Bartolomé Perulapía, El Salvador, was a great success.

The event took place last Thursday (03.10.2022) at Bambú City Center in San Salvador, and it’s agenda included the presentation of some of the most important personalities in blockchain technology and the cryptoverse, as well as representatives of the Government of El Salvador, local and international investors, special guests and artists.

The launch of the platform made El Salvador -the only state in the world to have adopted bitcoin as a legal tender- the first country to use blockchain technology to solve its land conflict and land management problems.

According to reports from the Ministry of Housing and Social Fabric of that country, land conflict is one of the main challenges facing the Salvadoran State, particularly after the cadastral alteration suffered by the country during and after the civil war (1979-1992).

During his intervention via Google Meet, the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe (2012-2014), expressed that the launch of the DTV platform not only means a technological breakthrough for El Salvador and Central America, but also a unique precedent for the world:

"El Salvador becomes the mecca of bitcoin and a pioneer of the economic platforms of the 21st century".

The launch concluded with the signing of the agreement between DelNorte TerraVision CEO Anton Glotser and the mayor of San Bartolomé Perulapía, Ronal Ortiz.

At the end, guests enjoyed a special dinner and then danced to the rhythm of Fraag Malas, Dekko and Joey Montana.

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