• Albany Flores

DTV, the utility token backed by the DelNorte ecosystem

There are currently more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. Digital markets and currencies are advancing unstoppably around the world and, according to experts, within the next decade digital money will have completely replaced fiat money.

However, a large percentage of these cryptocurrencies have been lagging behind due to the lack of a solid backing that would allow them to be valued on the stock market and compete in a growing industry. It is estimated that, since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies have disappeared.

Unlike in the past, new cryptocurrencies such as DTV have already overcome the initial problems of the cryptoverse and present themselves as safe, stable and profitable alternatives for investors.

DTV, the DelNorte Holdings Inc. cryptocurrency, is the unique utility tokenbacked by smart contracts (NFT) generated by DelNorte’s technology ecosystem, a multifunctional platform that, thanks to its TerraVision storage system, is a sophisticated solution for managing various types of NFT certificates.

Our blockchain technology allows accessing and processing NFT certificate fields from different application pools, but each pool uses a single utility token: DTV.

Such a pooling system is organized in a matrix structure, where each pool is an autonomous unit with its own transaction history and role-based security model. In addition, each pool has its own business model and distribution of functional roles in the system.

This structuring allows pools to be upgraded and modified without redefining the entire system, which significantly reduces the overall cost of maintaining the pool’s smart contract system during upgrade and reduces the risk of taking the entire system offline.

The Property Management Pool is designed for registration and management of intellectual property rights objects (patents, trademarks, utilities and others) and allows creating a copy of the intellectual property statement and sending a secured notification letter to a counterparty.

The Title Management Pool is designed for the management and transfer of property rights and pledge transactions (lease or purchase/sale of movable and immovable property).

While the Resource Management Pool is designed to create and store digital certificates of resources (metals, hydrocarbons, grains, water, construction materials, rent, energy generation or consumption, etc.), as well as their accounting and tracking in supply chains. The pool makes it possible to fix the origin of the resource and its unique characteristics, but also determines its nominal price on the exchange.

Thus, the usefulness of DTV (the way it can be used) can be measured through obtaining a digital certificate of property rights to dispose of a land resource or real estate, generation of property seals, change of property registration (land or tenant transfer), tokenization of assets, staking (saving cryptocurrency for profit), escrow (a security deposit) and, of course, through smart mining in our ecosystem.

Our platform is a global pioneer in the generation of smart contracts (NFT) related to the real estate industry and, with the backing and security of blockchain technology, we project to digitize millions of properties around the world.

In addition, it is a digital space that will enable transactions between buyers and sellers anywhere in the world through an accessible, secure technology and through DelNorte’s exclusive Conteon Emitter payment system.

At launch, DTV will be backed by all the financial sources that power the DelNorte ecosystem, but also by governments, corporations, industries and some of the most knowledgeable geniuses in the crypto world.

DTV represents the cutting edge of the digital economy, and it is here to stay.