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DelNorte (DTV) signs agreement with municipality of El Salvador to launch Blockchain technology

In an unprecedented event in Central America, the salvadoran municipality became the first territory to adopt the most modern and secure technological platform in the digital real estate market.

In an extraordinary launch event at Bambú City Center in San Salvador last Thursday (03.10.2022), the technology company, DelNorte TerraVision (DTV), signed a historic agreement with the Mayor's Office of San Bartolomé Perulapía to digitize the municipality's property records with blockchain technology.

The Event

The event was attended by experts in blockchain technology and the cryptoverse (cryptocurrency universe), as well as representatives of the Government of El Salvador, local and foreign investors, special guests and renowned artists.

Activities kicked off with a presentation by Exponential Destiny, a California-based educational non-profit organization that leverages emerging technologies to empower entrepreneurial skills in public schools and organizations serving underserved communities.

It was followed by a round of forums with some of the most reputable experts in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchian technology, who discussed the main tenets of these new trends and revealed their utilities and benefits.

The day closed with the signing of the alliance between the CEO of DelNorte TerraVision (DTV), Anton Glotser, and the mayor of the municipality of San Bartolomé Perulapía, Ronal Ortiz, who pledged to work together for the development of the municipality and its communities.

The agreement for the construction of the platform will allow the digitalization and modernization of municipal cadastral services, ensuring that taxpayers have secure and effective access to the registration of their properties.

Anton Glotser, CEO of DTV, expressed that "the implementation of the blockchain technology will put an end to the problems of duplicity of property titles, will consolidate the territorial order and will definitively ensure the possession of the properties to their owners. It will be certified by the country's legal system".

The Mayor, Ronal Ortiz, expressed his deep gratitude to DTV, and assured that

"The adoption of the platform is a sign that technology must reach any part of the world without any type of exclusion".

Once the owners have secured their titles, they will be able to access banking resources through their assets, which in turn will boost the local and national economy.

The platform is a donation from DTV to the municipality, so it’s implementation and use will be completely free of charge.

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