• Albany Flores

DTV, DelNorte's innovative cryptocurrency that represents an economy of purpose

Sooner rather than later, the verb "tokenize" will become as common as the concept of "private property". Tokenizing the world, through the massive digitization of goods, minerals and resources, is the safest and most reliable way to secure ownership of an asset.

Until now, the traditional smart contract market has focused primarily on the art and cryptocurrency industries, but at DelNorte we are transforming the market with NFTs generated from the tokenization of territories, as well as government and industry processes.

DTV is DelNorte's innovative cryptocurrency that has a financial and technological structure that guarantees security and stability.

Thanks to blockchain technology solutions, our multifunctional platform hosts three pools (Property Management, Title Management and Resource Management) whose NFT contracts provide significant services to communities and feed the DTV token.

Thus, DTV represents what cryptoeconomist Alejandro Sewrjugin call an "economy of purpose". According to his idea, in a fiat economy, money (banknotes or coins) is first created and then assigned a value agreed upon by institutions and society, but this accentuates inequality and triggers inflation.

On the other hand, in an economy of purpose such as that enabled by Blockchain, value is created first and then money is created, which avoids inflation and increases equity. This economy of purpose does not have profit as its only vision, but also the provision of services and actions that help improve life in the world.

DTV is a cryptocurrency with purpose, because in addition to representing a previously created value (smart contracts), it also represents real solutions to some of humanity's greatest challenges such as intellectual property rights, land conflicts, supply chain flows, poverty, hunger and the technology gap.

With our property management pool, we ensure the registration and management of intellectual property rights through NFT certificates that cannot be tampered with, thereby contributing to the resolution of problems related to the ownership of patents, trademarks, utilities and other intellectual property rights.

With our title management pool, we manage and transfer property rights and pledge transactions, enabling the issuance of title certificates that eliminate duplication (one of the world's main problems in real estate) and guarantee the definitive ownership of a property.

Finally, our resource management pool creates and stores digital resource certificates (metals, hydrocarbons, grains, water, etc.), contributing to the flow of the supply chain, to the incentive of producers, production and trade, to the generation of wealth and to the fight against hunger.

All this is possible thanks to our contracts with governments and industries to tokenize movable and immovable assets, minerals and resources.

At DelNorte, we are driving the growth of the digital economy, revolutionizing the global NFT market and delivering technology solutions for the transformation of governments, societies and the planet.

DTV, our unique utility token, will revolutionize the digital marketplace, accelerate the tokenization of the world (Internet of Things), bridge the technology gap with pioneering services and tools, improve land use planning, create wealth and well-being for people, and streamline the economy of the world's emerging markets.

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