• Albany Flores

DelNorte will be part of the World Economic Forum Davos 2022

After two years of pandemic, the World Economic Forum Davos 2022 will once again be held in person. The most important event of the global economy will take place in Switzerland between May 22 and 26, and DelNorte will give lectures on its work for the digital development of emerging markets.

The event, which was initially scheduled to take place between January 17 and 21 of this year, had to be suspended again after the pandemic spike in the Western world due to the series of new Covid variants at the end of 2021.

The forum that promised great discussions on current events, trends and new modalities of today’s economy would feature some of the most authoritative voices in the world’s financial systems, as well as the presence of important Latin American leaders who would speak about the region’s accelerated rebound in the world’s markets.

Despite its interruption, the World Economic Forum opted to organize a series of virtual conferences and presented the seventeenth edition of the Global Risks Report 2022, in which it pointed out ten turning points in the challenges of the global economy and determined that solutions to global risks require global solutions.

The main risks the report presents for the next two years revolve around extreme weather, livelihood crises, failure of climate action, erosion of social cohesion, infectious diseases, deteriorating mental health, cybersecurity failures, debt crisis, digital inequality, and bursting of the asset bubble.

To continue the discussion on these topics, the meeting agreed for May in the city of Davos will have two main purposes: “To address global challenges, from COVID and climate change to education and technological governance; and to provide a platform for connecting and fostering new ideas and innovations, involving communities, projects and individuals willing to share their contributions”.

The agenda will focus on eight thematic areas: Global Cooperation, Economic Rebalancing, Society and Equity, Climate and Nature, Innovation and Governance, Industrial Transformation, Risks and Resilience, and Global Health.

The event will be attended by some 2,000 people including heads of state, civil society leaders, media, global youth leaders and CEOs of innovative companies such as DelNorte TerraVision, always with the vision of discussing and presenting ideas to solve the world’s main economic challenges.

At DelNorte we are aware of the great economic and technological change that the world is experiencing, and that the future of nations is pointing towards digital markets. We are also aware of the industrial transformation, the need for innovation for good governance and the digital inequality that is widening the economic and social gap between nations.

Therefore, thanks to our platform with Blockchain technology, we are working for the transformation of industries and governments focused on the digital development of emerging markets with disruptive technologies.

Our board of directors, led by Anton Glotser and Yuriy Chudinov, CEO and CTO of the company, will discuss with the event participants how DelNorte technology is contributing to the tokenization of goods, industries and minerals around the world to bridge the technology gap, and how our technology is ready to address the shift from the trust economy to the digital economy worldwide.

At the “first post-pandemic gathering” of the world’s leading economic forum, the audience will be able to watch and interact with the panelists through live connections, social media and digital recordings.

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