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DelNorte, the technology pioneer in the tokenization of real assets

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is the resolution of conflicts over land and intellectual property around the world, particularly in countries with weak democracies and emerging markets. In the 21st century, various regions of the planet are struggling with economic, social, legal, political and military problems related to land tenure and territorial distribution.

Despite the advances promoted by the Agrarian Reforms and the creation of Property Institutes and land survey and cadastre offices, problems persist through the duplication of property titles, the violation of intellectual property and real estate fraud.

However, according to the conclusions of the "World Intellectual Property Report 2022" published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the answer to these scourges lies essentially in technological innovation.

Aware of this problem that impedes the progress of democracies, markets and industries, DelNorte technology is innovating with solutions that integrate blockchain technology to help resolve these conflicts and improve the quality of life of disadvantaged communities.

DelNorte Holndings Inc. is a global company that works with disruptive technologies for the development of emerging markets and offers pioneering technological solutions, tools and services to contribute to the digitization of the world through the tokenization of real assets by means of smart contracts (NFT).

Founded in 2019 by Anton Glotser and Yuriy Chudinov and based in the United States, Ukraine, El Salvador and Honduras, the DelNorte platform is multi-functional, government-approved and can work across borders, blockchains and networks.

The company seeks to create wealth and digital security for people through the provision of services such as real estate title management, registration and intellectual property certification. Delnorte further offers a resource management and mobilization platform that can work independantly or overlay any government or industry suply chain and provide a cheap solution to any user.

The DelNorte Ecosystem is comprised of three decentralized applications dApps (Intellectual Property Management, Title Management and Resource Management), a Smart ID protocol, a digital payment system (Conteon Emitter) and a unique utility token (DTV). All of these are hosted in the cloud and on the NEAR blockchain, with impenatrable security standards.

DelNorte's blockchain technology allows accessing and processing NFT certificate fields from different application protocols, but each of the protocols uses a unique utility token: DTV. 

Such a common system is organized in a matrix structure where each dApp is an autonomous unit with its own transaction history and role-based security model. In addition, each protocol has its own business model and distribution of functional roles in the system. 

This structuring allows protocols to be upgraded and modified without redefining the entire system, which significantly reduces the overall cost of maintaining the protocol smart contract system during upgrade and reduces the risk of taking the entire system offline.

The Intellectual Property Management is designed for registration and management of intellectual property rights objects (patents, trademarks, utilities and others) and allows creating a copy of the intellectual property statement and sending a secured copies to counterparties.

The Title Management Protocol performs management and transfer of property rights and pledge transactions (lease or purchase/sale of movable and immovable property).

The Resource Management Protocol creates and stores digital certificates of resources (metals, hydrocarbons, grains, water, construction materials, rent, energy generation or consumption, etc.), as well as their accounting and tracking in supply chains. This protocol makes it possible to fix the origin of the resource and its unique characteristics, but also determines its nominal price on the exchange.

In addition, the platform has the Smart ID protocol, a system designed for governments and large private entities that provides high levels of security for storing and accessing digital IDs.

Moreover, its encryption and tokenization subsystem Conteon Emitter is a hybrid digital payments device comprised of the company's proprietary software and hardware capable of encrypting and certifying any digital document or transaction, whether fiat or crypto.

Conteon Emitter is an offline hardware that can generate guaranteed one-time transactions, which significantly enhances the benefits of blockchain and speeds up transaction validation.

In addition, the device stores confidential and secure payment information that can be either bank card or cryptocurrency wallet, making transactions interchangeable and secure. 

Its payment and transfer system is the only hardware solution that offers a more secure, convenient and cost-effective way to transfer money than traditional methods. Some of its advantages are the following: 

  • Every transaction is completely confidential, and the automated tokenization and encryption system ensures that even if somehow someone hacks into one of the customers, all they will be able to retrieve are the transaction identifiers, with no user or payment information.  All transactions are facilitated by an authorized referee through the issuing device with active GPS tracking and KYC data. That way, if the issuing device is stolen or simply moved out of its geofence, it will automatically shut down and erase all data.

  • The system allows modification of digital certificate data only through digital signatures on the device, which automatically identifies the person responsible for modifying the NFT passport information or changing the ownership record.  

Conteon Emitter is designed for NFT-based digital certificates, and can also work perfectly for all types of businesses and industries. 

DTV is a token backed by DelNorte's technology and financial system, and at the same time it is the cryptoasset that represents all of the company's digital transactions.

The value of the DTV (Direct Transaction Value) is the core of DelNorte economy, it has a lot of utilities and has deflation and burn mechanism that make it stronger and in constant demand from customers.

DTV coin can be used to obtain digital certificate of property rights, to dispose of a land resource or real estate, change the property registration (land or tenant transfer), tokenization of assets, staking (lending cryptocurrencies for profit), escrow (holding a security deposit) and much more.

The DelNorte platform is pioneering the generation of NFT certificates from real assets legally recognised by governments and, with the backing and security of blockchain technology, plans to digitize millions of assets around the world.

DelNorte represents the cutting edge of the digital economy, and its vision and technology will transform markets, communities and industries.

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