• Albany Flores

DelNorte TerraVision to Launch its Backed Cryptocurrency

We at DelNorte are excited to announce the global launch of the DTV token, our backed cryptocurrency that comes to market at a time when the new digital economy is moving towards backed monetary structures, just as it did until the mid-20th century with the gold standard and the Bretton Woods agreement.

Thanks to our platform's Blockchain technology, we at DelNorte are digitizing property, real estate, governments and minerals, and we use a unique utility token called DTV.

The DTV currency is backed by the DTV platform's smart contracts (NFTs). In turn, NFTs are backed by real assets digitized by our platform (real estate, property, governments and minerals).

Therefore, DTV is a unique utility token backed directly by the DTV platform and indirectly by real assets digitized by the DTV platform.

The coin will be launched very soon and investors will be able to buy it from anywhere in the world through direct acquisition or by performing financial activities on our platform such as attracting or conducting transactions, long-term stacking or active stacking.

Its value will be determined by the market's investment, by the market's deficit due to the deflationary model and its software architecture.

Upon launch, DTV will be freely available for purchase anywhere in the world.

For now, we will issue 2.5% of the total supply (1,000,000,000,000 DTV), i.e. a lot of 25,000,000. Once listed on the market, traders will be able to purchase up to a maximum of 10% of this first issue.

DTV guarantees security, financial stability and return on investment.

With the launch of our cryptocurrency we hope to contribute to the orderly development of the digital economy and to the strengthening of the levels of trust, usability and security of cryptoasset investments.

DTV is already here!