DelNorte Holdings Inc.

Is the only blockchain fintech product company in the world that develops hardware-based deed processing and property ownership management transaction endorsement protocol.


Our mission is to create wealth and security for the people. We do this by digitizing and securitizing real assets using our proprietary technology and hosting these digital assets on our platform, that also acts like a search engine, a marketplace and NFT management tool.


The company's goal is to create and provide  customers with a set of convenient and highly effective tools for solving such problems as: secure management, recording and storage of property rights for movable and immovable real assets, resources, documents, and connections.


DelNorte Platform is a multifunction platform that is government approved to provide these solutions.  

DelNorte Platform lets public and private entities generate and manage secure registries of digital IDs (NFTs) and utilize the distributed storage and security, while minimizing power and network congestion often associated with blockchain. 



NFTs that represent real property and are varified and digitally stamped by government entities to certify accuracy and validity of the asset.

This process is backed by a government contract between Delnorte and a government agency. The sale of such an NFT conveys the ownership of the asset without the need for any traditional paperwork. 


Resource Management 

Enables an efficient and cheap process for tracking and tracing resources inside the NFT.

As well as the ability to link, manage and transact specific NFT data to supply chains and/or retail portals.

Conteon Emitter Payment 

Provides a digital payment system that works for both fiat and crypto simultaneously, can function offline, and is application-less for the consumer.

This system reduces the cost of transactions at points of sale by batching transactions, and can even process and track reward programs and discounts. 


Smart ID

A protocol designed for governments and large private entities that has multiple layers of protection to provide highest levels of security for storing and accessing digital IDs.

The digital smart ID protocol can securely link with other public and private protocols to access and track social, medical, pensions, insurance and other programs and services. 

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